Under optimal conditions, the LUMIZ can also burn for 6-8 hours with a charging time of 6-8 hours from direct sunlight. The light may decrease in power after 5-6 hours of use.
In the summer the sun shines more often and for longer, which means the LUMIZ can absorb more energy and therefore burn longer than in the other seasons. If you hang the LUMIZ under a tree in the summer, it may receive less sun compared to other seasons, because the light is partly blocked by the leaves on the trees.

Tip: hang the LUMIZ lower in the tree, so that the light is not blocked by the leaves. Or hang the LUMIZ in a place where the sun can shine on the solar panel during the day and hang it back in the evening.

The LUMIZ will also be able to burn on sunny winter days, although the sun is lower and it will light up for shorter periods.

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