In order to solve your problem, we would like to ask you to check the following points:

  • Did you remove the plastic tab?
  • Have you checked whether the battery is properly placed in the holder?
  • When purchased, the battery energy will not be fully charged. When this energy has been consumed, the battery must be charged by hanging/putting the solar in sunlight, so that the battery can recharge. After charging the battery, you can test whether the LED light comes on by placing your hand on the solar.
  • If you want to hang the LUMIZ in a tree, make sure that the LUMIZ is not hanging directly under the leaves of the tree. As a result, the solar does not receive enough sunlight for a good and longer operating time of the LED light. The same applies to roof covers, the sunlight does not reach the solar panel here.
  • The solar panel must be placed at the top of the LUMIZ so that the sunlight can fall on it properly.

Did the above instructions not help to solve the problem?